Eight or nine years ago I decided that could no longer stand the corporate grind.  The boring meetings, dull presentations, tedious training days and general `corporate politics`, were consigned to the bin.  From then on I decided to do the things that I enjoyed, which included photography, travel and music.  


Since then I`ve sold over 30,000 images and video clips, many of which have appeared in national magazines, newspapers, books and on TV.   My songs have been played on BBC Radio 2, Emmerdale TV show, Radio 5 Live and many radio stations in the UK and US.

My story

My photography

My music

Below is `Cut me and I`ll Bleed`. and released under the name of Charlesy.  This is my most recent musical project.  You can hear it on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal etc by clicking here.  I`d be really grateful if you could `follow` on my Spotify artist profile and share where possible.  Thank you.

My Kit-some Links

I get asked about what software I use fairly frequently and these are the two that I use most:


TOPAZ      -for digital artwork ie paintings and cartoons 

PHOTOMATIX PRO   -for HDR and rich colours


Cut me and I`ll bleed-Charlesy-web-size-300x300